Monthly Archives: April 2015


The Immigrating dashboard let you visualize the top 20 most frequently migrated VM the last 7 days (manual, initiated by DRS or “self” vmotion – aka Storage vMotion Fast Suspend/Resume). If a cluster is heavily loaded or if the DRS migration threshold is too aggressive, some VM might be moved very often. Moreover, due to “self” vmotion, fully automated SDRS may also be source of… Read more →


The WinEventType dashboard gives you a quick look over the Windows EventLog types repartition over time. By toggling the event type queries you can focus and leverage the Micro Analysis feature of Kibana on the Message field to quickly find the root cause of warnings and errors. Read more →


The IOPS dashboard is designed to let you have a quick look on the SIOC (aka Storage I/O Control) IOPS metric of your datastores. This dashboard is of course higly related to the IORM SexiBoard that provide latency metrics. Like the datastore latency metric, having high IOPS activity could impact your storage performances. . . This dashboard is actually a template and needs a bit of… Read more →