Monthly Archives: March 2015

ScoreboardStats Logical Session

The LogicalSession dashboard leverage one of the vpxd-profiler statistic counters logged in vpxd-profiler.log file. The Vpxd::Session::LogicalSession counter helps you track the vCenter server active & idle connexions limited by the maxSessionCount vpxd.cfg parameter. In the following screenshot you can observe vCenter connections during backup window. This dashboard actually helped troubleshooting a real backup jobs scheduling issue as the default maximum session count was reached sometimes.… Read more →

SQL execution took too long

This dashboard is aimed at keeping track of SQL response time from a vCenter point of view. A healthy database backend is a must for vCenter Server, as a lot of thing is done in db. SQL execution times are extended and take a long time to complete. If you have performance issue with your db server, there will be a… Read more →